Smoking is bad for you there is no reasonable line argument that can lead to any other conclusion than death. Smoking kills lots of people around 50 percent of its long term users have bad breath and is main cause of many kinds of cancer which ultimately kill people. What if we tell you we have found a new way to get all the nicotine into your our bodies with technology and none of the harmful smoke? Good news, we can!

Difference Between Vaping and Smoking

Before we discuss what a vaporizer is we will briefly discuss the differences between the smoke and the vape. When you smoke something you light it on fire and then inhale the smoke is produced as a byproduct of burning paper. Smoke is full of carbon and impurities which gives an unpleasant smell and a gray color. Vaping does not involve combustion its material is heated to an extreme temperature called its vaporization point. At this temperature the material become a gas or vapor and you are inhaling the pure essence of vaping material rather than the smoke given off by burning. You do not inhale carbon impurities that you would when smoking. Check out Merchants Of Doubt on to see how Public Health uses tobacco tactics against E-Cigarettes.


A vaporizer is a device used to vaporize the active ingredient of plant material commonly tobacco, cannabis or other herbs or blend for the purpose of inhalation. Vaporizers have been around in various from since 1960s, they were table top variety and not very pocket able. They were also called e-cigarettes. A Chinese pharmacist Han Ilk was the inventor of vaporizer apparently finding the inspiration after the death of his father from cancer. The first he made the device called Ryun meaning “like smoke”. Vaporizer is simply applying heat to liquid which create vapor. Breathing in the nearly odorless vapor gives the smoker their nicotine hit and traditional smokes commonly look like e-cigarettes and often sold in ciggy like packing. Vaporizers have become so popular in the last couple years people are becoming aware of it much more than before. Vaporous as they are called sell all the hardware you could ever need and also offer up vapor liquids in dazzling array of flavors.

If you were new to the world of vapes there is much to learn. Vaporizer come in variety of shapes and size .Some are large plug in devices meant to use at home and others are mini battery power units meant to be used on the go. Vaporizers are commonly designed for a dry herbal material but smoke can be used with e-liquid and concentrates as well

How Does It Work?

Vaporizer simply consists of a power source some coils that heat up and vaporize the e-juice and an LED light to make you feel at home. Vaporizer feature batteries and atomizer that heats the liquid to its boiling point and that becomes vapor which you inhale and also it is charged with a USB cord connected to your computer. Vaporizer doesn’t burn your herb it just heats it to the ideal level where the good stuff the cannabinoids CBD and the trepans the taste and smell are released and become a smoke like vapor. The end result is a smokeless inhale vapor that contains active ingredients but not the harmful chemicals usually found in smoke.

There are many different types of vaporizers but all of them contain same basic parts that are as following:

Heating Element

Every vaporizer has to become hot in order to produce vapor from vaping material usually done with a vaporizer heating element or atomizer made out of a metal. Small number of vaporizers use an external heat source like the heat produced from a lighter.

Heating Chamber

Vaporizer heating chamber is the place where the vaping material become hot and material is placed inside of another object, like a vape wand or a bullet inserted into the chamber. Some vape chambers simply hold dry herb with no additional container required.

Power Source

Vaporizer heating element requires some source of power to allow them to become hot. Most of the vaporizers use a battery.

Mouth Piece

The vape mouthpiece is the place where you put your mouth in order to take a draw of vapor.

Desktop vs. Portable Vaporizer Styles

There are two main styles of vaporizers available in market, the desktop vaporizer and portable vaporizer.

Desktop Vaporizer

A large vape that is designed to rest on a table or sets most models require electricity for operation. To use the vaporizer for a limited time the battery pack is included within.

Portable Vaporizer

A portable vaporizer is cord less and meant to use on the go that is easy to carry. These type run on rechargeable batteries also attached to computer or USB charger with a USB cord. Portable vaporizers are hand held and much smaller in size than desktop vaporizers.

Why Should I Care?

If you are a smoker and tired of the teasing you get from the world around you plus your mom and dad’s special kind of grief this give you another avenue to get your nicotine fix. Ban on tobacco use in the public places is increasing by the days so to simply find a place to have smoke is becoming a hassle. Also consider the financial spending of smoking you’re truly spending a lot of money per day on smokes.  Instead of wasting your money and damaging your health vaporizers are less expensive and they are not harmful for your health.

Benefits Of Vaporizer Use

The obvious advantage is the lower health risk for someone who likes to consume nicotine or engage in the physical act of smoking. Vaping is probably better, all costs and benefits considered proved most of the benefits with very little damage to the health. The evidence that smoke free tobacco products are low risk is based primarily on decades of research on smokeless tobacco use and also smokeless tobacco causes no detectable risk for any disease. This does not mean it is completely harmless but it does mean that risk must is minimal. Vaporizer is the satisfying alternative that can replace smoking for a given individual.

Interesting e-liquid flavors make vaping more enjoyable which is welfare improving in itself. Many vaporizer users find that interesting flavors are useful for quitting smoking. It also appears that vaping is far less captivating than smoking. Many ex-smokers who though they would never manage to quit smoking have switched to vaping and then discovered after few months that they could just quit nicotine all over. People often choose to keep vaping because they like it and know it is lower risk and feel they can stop any time they want. Most vaporizer users report that they have reduced their nicotine intake starting out high while quitting smoking but their bodies had less demand after a period of exclusive use of vaporizers.

A Much Safer Alternative

No one in the vaporizer industry claim that they are 100 percent safe there is a risk whenever you inhale something other than pure unpolluted air. But the risk is significantly less than that from smoking tobacco and dangers of second-hand vapor virtually nonexistent.

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