The three models of Electronic Cigarettes were the main attention grabbers during their debut period, it was really the only model available for purchase and the humble beginning of electronic cigarettes. It began with the items included a small battery, the atomizer and the tank or cartridge that held the e-juice. It was a decent start but having the atomizer and cartridge separate led to cause a lot of leakages and comparing the vapor product and flavor of those model with what is available today would be just unfair.

But with the passage of time the research progress moved faster than anyone else ever thought it would.

Atomizer Coil

An atomizer coil is the part of an electronic cigarette that heats the liquid and turns it into vapor. Atomizer come into two general types single coil and dual coil. Atomizer primary components include the casing, the wire, and the wicking material. The wire is wrapped around the wicking material in a coil formation. The two ends of wire are then connected to portion of the casing that makes contact with the battery, when liquid is introduced into the tank the wicking material will absorb it and becomes dry. When Battery is activated it heats up the coil causing liquid absorbed in the wicking material to be vaporized.

How Does the Atomizer Work?

The atomizer is the most important part of any e-cigarette and it’s the part where it turns liquid into vapor. It does this by heating a coil that is in contact with the filter material containing the e-liquid. You should be aware that atomizers get quite hot when in use. Use caution when handling them after use.

What Factors Determine How Long an Atomizer Coil Lasts?

There are many factors that collectively shape the lifespan of your atomizer cell. The acidity level and the VG/PG consistency of your liquid both play an important role. The amount you vape and the amount of power running to the cell are also contributing factors

High acidity level of your e-liquid will burn out the coil faster than you think. Certain flavors for example the fruit ones tend to have higher levels of acidity which in turn burn out the coil more rapidly than other flavors. The higher the VG content of liquid the quicker your atomizer coil will tend to need replacement and due to this fact the vegetable glycerin is substantially thicker in consistency than propylene glycol. As a result, the silica or cotton wicking element with in the atomizer coil deteriorates much faster when VG dominant liquid are used. The wattage and voltage level you are running to your atomizer will be determining factor for its longevity and the more power you are running the quicker the atomizer will burn out. The most obvious factor involved in determining how long your coils will last is how often you vape and those who vape consistently throughout the day will need to change their atomizer coils more frequently than those other vapes.

How Do You Know Your Atomizer Coil Is Burning Out?

There are several signs indicating that your atomizer coil is on its last legs. The first thing you will experience is to reduced vapor production and you will notice other classic signs as well. Leaking, gurgling noises, poor flavor taste and no vapor production are all the symptoms of falling atomizer head. When you begin using atomizer head for the very first time you will notice that you get thicker vapor clouds and that level of performance lasts for few days before the atomizer starts to produce less and less vapor.

One of the common indications of falling atomizer coil is burnt taste when taking a drag. There is other cause for this such as insufficient liquid into your tank or too much power running to the coil .Burnt taste is a sign of an atomizer to be replaced with new one. Another sign of falling atomizer is your liquid leaking at the time you vaped and you will experience some of your liquid getting into your mouth when taking a drag. Leaking is often accompanied by flooding and subsequent gurgling sound and the coil is not heating the liquid at rapid enough rate. If the atomizer coil is not replaced at the right time it will eventually cease  to produce any vapor and when u drag at this time you’ll get no vapor and will end up with liquid into your mouth instead

Single Coil vs. Dual Coil

Single coil atomizer has one heating element whereas dual coil atomizer has two coils. The two coils are pf same resistance and are wired in parallel so that total resistance is half of either coil. Dual coil customizer built with two 3-ohm coils has a total resistance of 1.5 ohms and not 6.0 ohms. Dual coil produce double the vapor and require more battery power

How Frequently Should I Replace My Atomizer/Coils?

If you are a heavy vaper means you continuously vape throughout the day will generally need to replace your coil every 5-6 days. If you are a moderate vapor and you vape fairly consistently thorough most of the day but only take a couple drags each time you coil will last more than 14 days. If you are a light vapor and you take few hits here and there throughout the day than your coil will last 3 weeks or so.


The first and most powerful argument far dripping is the taste and flavor of the liquid juice. When the atomizer is clean the flavor of the e-juice is more evident while dripping. The liquid is not forced to sit for long periods in tank or cartridge and not mixed the new juice with the old one. Many people who are self-proclaimed purists swear by dripping as the best way to vape.

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