What Exactly Is In The E-liquid?

It’s typically combination of propylene glycol, artificial flavors and nicotine and is the heart of vapor experience, to name one like cocktail bar, traditional tastes include flavors such as plain tobacco and menthol, but then a little mix of wildness with falvors such as Crème Brule, Orange Cream Sidle or even Cinnamon. Vaporizing isn’t reserved totally for the tobacco lovers marijuana smokers have latched onto this technology too. Smokers are treated to all benefits without burning paper and filling their lungs with tar and other harmful gases. Vaporizers are beautifully designed and it brings pot out of its shadier stereotypical back alleys into the main stream.

Why Should I Care?

If you are a smoker and tired of the pep talk you get from the people around you including your mom and dad’s special kind of grief this give you another way to get your nicotine intake requirement. Banned tobacco use in the public places is getting higher by the days so to simply find a place to have a smoke is becoming a hassle. Also consider the financials of smoking you’re truly spending a lot of money per day on cigarettes. Instead of wasting your money and damaging your health vaporizers are less expensive and they are not harmful for your health.

Vaporizer Liquid Ingredients

The liquid or smoke juice used in vaporizer are made up of four main ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine and added flavoring.

The liquid inside the vaporizer is the key in delivering nicotine to it’s users. Once heated it creates a vaporized mist which is inhaled just like a cigarette smoke but without the harmful gases.

E-Liquid Flavors

One of the attractions to vaporizers for many users is the wide array of flavors that vary between actual ingredients and manufacturer. Flavors are typically made up of naturally occurring FDA approved and graded additives which include:


Commonly used food flavoring added to coffee, popcorn, potato chips, wheat bread and beef.


A food grade fragrance found in essential oil used to provide aroma. It is currently being tested for the treatment of colon cancer.


A flavor used in food products such as pork and soups.

Melic Acid

An organic compound used in fruit flavored e-Liquids it provides sour taste and also added to some cola drinks.

How to Choose the Right Liquid Nicotine Strength

When it comes to nicotine absorption vaping compares most readily although loosely to smoking. You can find how much nicotine is in a cigarette and you can find out the absorption rate. It is possible to determine how much liquid you are vaping the difference is in the devices which vary the rates for your set amount of liquid and you feel the difference of nicotine transferred to your body. If you are a “dripper” using an advanced atomizer 3mg/ml gives you the same response as you get from 6 or 12mg/ml e-juice. If you are a heavy smoker you probably want to try 12mg/ml if you are choosing customizer beginner type device. Nicotine has a flavor all its own which will alter the true flavor of your liquid and also its easy to get more nicotine than you expected when vaping. If you don’t use tobacco products it’s important to understand that nicotine is and addictive substance with chemicals effects on your body and brain. Vaping can be enjoyed and used for reasons other than taking nicotine simply enjoy flavors without nicotine or you can set your nicotine level in modern vaporizers as much as you want it’s up to you.

A Much Safer Alternative

No one in the vaporizer industry claims that they are 100% safe whenever you inhale something other than pure unpolluted air. But the risk is significantly less than those from smoking tobacco and dangers of second-hand vapor virtually nonexistent.

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