Berries & Cream Vape Juice (30ML)

Primary ingredients: Strawberrylicious + Vanilla Bean Ice cream

Celebrate this New Year with a classic treat brought to a vape tank this flavor blended in love with Berries N Cream vape juice. The everlasting formula of fresh strawberries and cool creamy ice cream to create the ultimate strawberry ice- cream juice. An inhale of freshly picked strawberry arrives sparing no attention to delicious taste while opening your plate to the tart side of strawberries and with finishing of creamy vanilla bean ice-cream which fuses the strawberry whisk with your tongue away to delicious nostalgia.

More Information

FDA Registered Lab

We make our e- juice in a state of art manufacturing the facility and our labs are registered with FDA as tobacco manufacture.

Top-Rated Nicotine

Not all nicotine is created equal. We use the purest available levorotatory nicotine or l-nicotine while the others use the most available and inexpensive nicotine. We use the most physiologically active type of nicotine.

Top-Rated Glycerin

Glycerin can be produced from any number of agent but ours glycerin sourced is strictly from Soybean and only from the top quality manufacturers so peanut allergic are not an issue

Better than Food-Grade

Our E-juice flavorings are specifically made to be inhaled and there is a step beyond food grade they have been GRAS approved

Kosher Grade

Our E-juice base consists of USP grade kosher ingredients

Formulas FDA Registered

Our all formulas are on file with FDA and we want them to know what we were up to

Child-Proof Bottles

All of our vape liquids are safely packaged in child-proof bottles and please keep away from the reach of children.

Lot Numbers

Our all products contain these handily little labels known as Lot Numbers so that our all products can be traced to their origins

High Operation Standards

We strictly follow to cGMP operation standards in line with 111 guidelines and 21 CFR part