A Vape MOD is an electronic-cigarette, MOD in its simplest form is a battery tube. A tube that holds rechargeable battery with a connection to attach an atomizer it could be a clearomizer, glassomizer or a vaporizer tank. The combination of a MOD and atomizer would give you a functional electronic-cigarette MOD. When e-cigarettes first appeared in the market some people would get them for better performance or improve battery life these devices are called MODs. Vape MOD is simply a vape pen which is much bigger and more powerful vape. It has more functionality than a vape pen and was designed to produce more vapor, it increases the overall flavor of the e-juice. Vape MOD is armed with much bigger and bulker battery which produces increased vapor and delivers a much better flavor of your vape. On top of the electronic cigarette chain are personal vaporizers or vape MODs which are essentially modified e-cigarette designed and built for vapor’s who want control over their vaping experience. Vape MOD transforms vaporizers into powerful hitters and making them ideal for users who simply cannot be satisfied by regular kits

People use the term MOD in the vaping world to describe other modified items such as a modified atomizer, e-cigarette mods have become so popular many companies have started to produce them at low costs.

How Did The Vape MOD Come To Be?

Vape MOD started when users began modifying their vaporizers, in the early days of vaping people added all types’ batteries to enhance the power of vaporizers. When all manufactures and companies saw there was a demand for this extra power with some of the vape pens users. They started to commercialize these soaped up vaporizers which turned into some pretty bad ass Mechanical mods. Now there are 100’s of style and designs of vaporizers. Regulated vape mods and non-regulated mods can be altered with different batteries coils and tanks to create unique designs. These mods have evolved into more of individual personality rather than a device. The options are virtually endless when it comes to designing your own mechanical mod.

There are three common types of e-cig mods available in the market including vape mods, mechanical mods and herbal vaporizers.

Vape MODs

A vape mod is characterized by regulated circuitry, longer battery life, safety, flavors and big vapors

Mechanical Mods

A mod without any circuit, E-cigarettes like ego’s or stick style cigarettes have circuit board to regulate the electricity and even provide different function such as variable wattage, variable ohm, puff counts and resistance meters. A mechanical mod won’t have circuitry of any kind and most don’t even have wires just a simple battery tube with a fire button. When you press fire the button you complete a circuit that powers the attached atomizer.

Typically vape mods are used for personal use inside their homes as they are less portable and not as practical heavy long batteries life and bigger vapors is the main attraction of modified e-cigarettes making them the choice of heavy smokers. Vaping kits including mods kits allow you to customize your vaping experience. People that use vape mods are the ones who have some experience vaping with vape pens and want more functionally and they started out with a vape pen and realized they want more battery or they wants some other function like ability to change the voltage or wattage or maybe they wants to get bigger vape hits to produce big clouds of vapor.

Should I start Out with a Vape MOD?

It is not recommended to start out right away with vape mod without any experience of vaping before; It is like a beginner motorcyclist getting a much powerful motorcycle for his need. There are so many different vape mods offering a variety of different functionalities that you probably would not even know what you want in vape mod, you can only find this by experiencing what exactly you want out of vaporizer experience that’s why start out with something simple like the vape pen. There are many aspects of mods that you need to fully understand including Silica Wick, Ohms, IMR batteries and protected and non-protected batteries.


Benefits of the mod are better vapor production, better efficiency, more power and more setting to choose in different vapors. Vapor mods can be known as the beneficial way to smoke as you don’t burn the tobacco there is a mechanical mod that are used to get the experience of smoking without any kind of major harm to the body. Vape MODs have become the most amazing way to produce vapor in the vaping community. Advanced vaporizer users enjoy these unregulated mods not only for the control but also for their simplicity and durability.

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