Vaporizer Battery

Battery is the life of your vaporizer and power of your vaporizer battery dictates how long the device can last before it needs to charge and as well as the temperature or wattage at which vaporizer heats up the atomizer. The longevity of your battery determine how many hours of vaping you can enjoy before having to charge. Finding a vaporizer battery of exceptional construction ensures a long lifespan before you have to find a replacement. Many vaporizers require brand specific batteries while other vape batteries are compatible with multiple vaporizers.

For the best vaping performance you need a capable battery. We are your source for rechargeable vaporizer batteries such as 18650 Lithium-ion batteries as well as variable voltage batteries. Vaporizer perform only as good as your vaporizer battery you use. You were looking for replace a depleted vaporizer battery or upgrade to something more advance you are at the right place.

What Makes For a Great Vaporizer Battery?

There are four qualities that are important when you are picking the batteries for your vapors.

  • High Current Rating
  • High Capacity
  • High Voltage
  • Low Operating Temperature

Other things like the cost is a part of choosing a battery you should be able to use a battery for at least a year before replacing it. A good price for a better battery is nothing when compared to having a better safe vaping experience for a longer period.

Capacity For Vaporizer Battery

Batteries can be of high capacity or high current but you won’t find batteries that have both capacity and high current. Battery technology can’t fit all that into a small 18650 battery. If you need a high current battery you have to sacrifice some capacity and if you need high capacity you will have to settle for a lower current rating.

Charging your Vaporizer Battery

Vaporizer Batteries are charged via wall plug-in but the method of charging the vaporizer battery can vary from unit to unit. Some batteries are charged via USB adapter like a smart phone. This way of charging a battery is convenient it can be done almost anywhere even from your computer. This type of vaporizer battery comes in handy for continuous use and generally run cheaper so user can stock up a set of secondary vape batteries to use while the primary set is charging.

Average Battery Life of a Vaporizer

How long you can expect the battery to last on a vaporizer? That depends on manufacturer because there is difference in quality levels used in different batteries. Most vaporizers should expect approximately 800 puffs from a 900 mAh battery, with 650 mAh battery you can expect 400 puffs and with an 1100 mah you should get 1000 puffs these are general estimates and vary on the quality of your vaporizer battery.

What Affects a Vaporizer’s Battery Life?

There are many factors that affect battery’s life including its milliamps the MOD of electronic-cigarette and the size of battery. Some batteries are designed to be charged 250 or 300 times and they can last at least two days with full charge. This means that you should expect one to two years of use from a good quality battery. A larger vaporizer battery will last a little longer than a small battery. Storage and usage temperature also affect the battery life high storage temperature especially for an extended period of time can affect the amount of charge batteries that can hold and store which turn to reduce the life of you battery. High storage temperature and a high charge level create stress on the battery cells which diminishes the expected life of a battery.

How to Make the Battery Last Longer

One of the important way to make battery last longer is to make sure that vaporizer unit is turned off when not in use and even if you are planning to use it again in 10 minutes turning it off in the meantime will help to extend the battery life. Some models provide an auto off feature that automatically turn off after 10 minutes which means you don’t have to turn it off manually.

Vaporizer Charger

The world of vaping has taken the world by storm over the last few years and now there are more options than ever to choose when it comes to charging you vaporizer. Vaping on daily basis or just using so often is essential to own a vaporizer charger or multiple chargers that are compatible with your vaporizer. Different options are available depending on your individual needs and ability to personalize with the brand of vaping supplies that include charging cases, car charger, USB charger, High capacity charger and more.

E-Cig or Vaporizer Charger Compatibility

If you want to guarantee maximum safety don’t charge you vaporizer with anything other than the official charger from the manufacturer. Mixing charger opens up much risk so if you were in any doubt stick with the official charger. Cross compatibility is possible with many models and charger but it is important to research both power specification and user manual before use. It is also important to match up the power rating on any charger you use. You need to ensure that the charger you use is receiving the input it needs from USB port or AC adapter or any pen drive charger, which usually requires 5 VOLTS and that output is suitable for the device you are charging. The easiest way to match the output voltage of new charger to that of your old one and ideally find one with the same output current.

Where to Charge Your E-Cigarette or Vaporizer

It is important to charge you e-cigarette battery in safe location away from other electrical sources or in the event of any problem away from flammable materials. Like Lithium battery should not be charged at below freezing temperature because the non-lithium anode becomes coated with pates of lithium and build-up cannot be reversed over time and lead to battery failure. You should always charge you batteries out of children reach and there is little worried about if you don’t leave the battery unattended and abide by basic safety precautions.

Use the Appropriate Charger

One of the concern that has been raised about charging vaporizers using a USB connection, there were some cases of batteries venting or catching fire when wrong cable has been used this is very rare but still a valid concern. It is important to use the supplied charging cabled or USB leads to recharge your vaporizer.

Do Not Over Charge the Device

Another reason why vaporizer batteries catch fire is that they are being charged for too long, newer vaporizers are available with over charge protection feature, average vaporizer only need 2 hours to charge although the first charge after purchase may take 4-5 hours. If you hook up your vaporizer to your USB port while it is not in use then you could be over charging the device which result in damage of the battery.

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