Container that holds the E-Liquid and a Heating element known as
the atomizer make up the vaporizer tank system. Every electronic cigarette has at least three main components inside which include the battery the tank and the atomizer. The tank is also known in vaping world as an atomizer’s glassomizer, a clearomizer and sometimes even a cartomizer are the combination of heating element and the liquid holder that turn your E-Juice from lithium ion power stick battery into a vaporizer set. Vaporizer carries a variety of tanks to meet all of your qualifications including budget resistance rating volume, color and delivery system. E-Cig tanks are needed to enjoy a great vape. Tanks are where the liquid is stored and are primary part of vaping. There are varieties of tanks that specialize in flavors and some that specialize in ease of use and some that specialize in producing plenty of vapor. Tanks, clearomizer, glassomizer and cartomizer are devices that combine atomizer and e-juice reserve oil in one unit. The majority of tanks offer replaceable atomizer heads making it very cost efficient and easy to maintain your device.

Types of Vaporizer Tanks

There are two main types of tanks

  • Standard

Standard tanks are usually used with the fixed voltage or variable voltage device that do not go over 10 to 12 watts of power and are designed to give the best flavor out of tank at the expense of clouds chasing.

  • Sub-ohm

These tanks are designed more for cloud chasing. Flavor is still good with sub -ohm tanks because of its design they are not intense as with standard tanks because of the flow of liquid which is much more efficient here to compensate the high temperature of high wattage vaping.

How To Fill Vaporizer Tanks

The first things you want to do when your new vaporizer is bought is how to remove the tank from atomizer housing. This can be done easily by unscrewing it to expose the end of tank and when the tank is removed you will notice a small Centre tube in the tank. You may think that this tube is where you should put your e-liquid you should avoid doing that in fact you allow liquid into this section and it will come out of the mouthpiece and causing a pretty nasty spill, Fill towards the side of tank and place the bottle of liquid at an angle so that the tips avoid coming into contact with the Centre tube. When you use the bottle with the exact angle it can ensure that the liquid will run down the sides into tank. Also keep in mind that overfilling the tank can cause your vaporizer to leak or stop functioning. After you fill your liquid into the tank, screw the tank back onto atomizer and allow it to soak into core for about five minutes especially if it is your first time filling up your vaporizer tank. After the five minutes have passed sit back and enjoy. And remember every vaporizer tank has it’s own process of filling up the tank. Please read the instructions manual that came along with your vaporizer tank.

How to Clean Vaporizer Tank

For a smooth vaping experience all the time, you have to clean your tank and a little bit of maintenance is required which helps you to run it in a efficient way, don’t forget that no vaporizer tank lasts forever. The wicks wear out and coils get old. You will increase your vaporizer’s performance if you clean the tank on regular basis and replace the coils every 2-3 weeks.

Cleaning your vaporizer tank is as simple as refilling it all you need to do is unscrew the tank and clean the tank with water and shake out excess liquid then gently clean it with a cotton swab. For the best result first dip the cotton swab into water or rubbing alcohol. Dry all the parts before reassembling them and do not submerge the battery in liquid and do not use soap or harsh cleaner. After cleaning refill the tank with liquid and let it rest for few minutes they need to soak up a little juice before you start to vape or else you will get a burnt taste from roasted wicks.

Tips to Keep the Vaporizer Tank Clean

Always have replacement of tank on hand instead of cleaning and refilling every time you want a new flavor and it is much easier to simply switch the tanks. If you carry tanks in pocket or purse may get lint or dust inside of it use a cotton swab to wipe the inner chamber of tanks. Do not forget that if you ever get the burnt taste all you need to do is replace the tanks and also cleaning won’t help if the coils or wick have been damaged.

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